Mendeola Powertrain was incepted to provide Hi-Performance

transaxles to both Road Racers and Street Performance enthusiasts.

     This company is a direct descendant of Mendeola Transaxles.  With 40 years of 

Off-Road racing and multiple wins at the Dakar, Baja 500 and the Baja 1000, it was a 

natural move to make the transition from dirt to pavement.  The technology developed

in the Southern California deserts, has come to 'invade' the streets!

      Mendeola has always had the reputation of delivering the 'best gearboxes' at the

'best prices'.

      We have now brought this philosphy to Mendeola Powertrain.  It is our goal to bring Mendeola Quality and pricing to America's Road Race and Street venues.

    Mendeola Powertrain utilizes America's best suppliers for the best gearboxes.

We will prove to you just how good we are!

Mendeola Powertrain



Anthony Keating

S4B modified for land speed record.

1500 HP Tom Nelson twin turbo LS.

Single Pass at El Mirage at 264 MPH

CLICK HERE for video.